My life has taken place among a diverse range of cultures. As I move within these varied spheres of cultural influence, I take photographs of the people and places I interact with. Over the years, these portraits have changed and taken many forms. Sometimes it’s a picture of me. Sometimes it’s the light cascading through the window. Sometimes my son appears in these images, and other times it’s the impression I leave behind on an unmade bed.

The images I make represent a synthesis of the dialectic between the journalistic eye of the document, and a posed, emotional tableau vivant. I consciously effect, frame and inform my photographs with nuances of light, tonality, atmosphere and elements of narrative. My photographs act like mirrors. They are based very directly on the way things appear, if just for a moment, but never without their own distortions. I hope that those who will see my photographs will find a glimpse of themselves reflected in these images. I want my work not only to advocate, but also to lead people to engage in empathetic feeling.